JMAA Goals and Activities

JMAA Goals

Japan Magazine Advertising Association (JMAA) is working to improve the quality of magazine ads and to enhance the role that ads play in providing socially relevant information, with the ultimate aim of making a positive contribution to the nation's industry, economy, and society. JMAA carries out a wide range of activities related to magazine advertising, including: research and investigation of the magazine ad industry, promotion of ethics-enhancing policies, sponsorship of seminars and symposia, and recognition of excellence in advertising.

JMAA Activities

•Investigation and research related to magazine advertising

•Promotion of policies to enhance ethics in the magazine advertising industry

•Recognition of excellence in magazine advertising

•Sponsorship of symposiums and seminars related to magazine advertising

•Gathering and distribution of information related to magazine advertising

•Promotion of standardized business practices in the magazine advertising industry

•Handling of complaints related to magazine advertising

•Carrying out exchanges and cooperation with internal and external organizations related to the magazine advertising industry

•Other activities as necessary to meet the purposes of JMAA as set forth above